Jet Fuel Coffee at Tour de Taiwan 2008 - Part IX

A brief update from Stage 3.

It was a bit of an ignominious day for the team. Not to make too many excuses, but since the spot to the race was secured at the last moment, the team's overall fitness is a bit under-done compared to the other teams in the race. Consequently, the team has dropped to 20th overall in the G.C. after today.

Peter Morse was the top Jet Fuel finisher today, in the second group...although he did manage to stay on the first page of the results sheet! In other good news, Shane Braley did not break any bike parts today (although he mentioned that he cracked today, he did not say what exactly he cracked.)

Daniele Defranceschi has been getting progressively sicker everyday since Stage 1.
Enrico Traini got shelled out the back today, for good this time. The other guys finished in between those two.

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