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Ontario CycloCross Season Update

Peter Morse has been tearing up the Ontario Cyclocross scene, preparing for racing in Europe later in the season.

He and other JetFuel Coffee Cycling members are posting race-reports at their website here.

Pete is using OCTTO bars, stems, tape and seatpost on both of his 'cross bikes. (Click photo to enlarge.)

photo credit Pierre Perrin

OCTTO Handlebar Tape - in the Wild - Part 2

Need some more colour ideas for your own bike?
Here are some photos of OCTTO handlebar tape installed on bikes (click on photos to enlarge):

Bright-yellow tape

Lime-green tape


Tour for Kids fundraiser - Keep the Pledges Coming!

The 2007 Tour for Kids fundraising epic ride concluded this past weekend.
Thanks to these early and generous pledgees on behalf of Dr. Octto:
Dr. Octto rode 413km route over 2 days and the endless rolling climbs in Ontario accumulated to add ~2600m of total climbing over the course. Our group of experienced riders worked smoothly together to averaged 33~34 km/h.

Collectively, Team Cava Restaurant presented by Codorniu rode 3600km over 4 days and thus far has received almost $6000 in generous pledges.

Chef Chris from Cava Restaurant also raised
several hundred dollars in about 1 hour, by donating and carving an entire leg of genuine Jamon Serrano at the finish of the Tour.


Dr. Octto rides with Team Cava in epic Tour for Kids fundraiser - Your Pledges Welcome!

The Ontario version of the Tour for Kids epic fundraising-ride for children's cancer-rehabilitation programmes will take place August 16~19 over 800km of Haliburton terrain.The Tour For Kids raises awareness and funds for camp organizations that help children with cancer.

Dr.Octto is excited to ride in the Tour for Kids (see photo at right). As we are a local business it is nice to support local causes and it's great to combine fund raising with cycling as both promote health and well-being. (This riding time will also be used to road-test some prototype 2008 OCTTO parts.)

Dr.Octto will ride as part of Team Cava , sponsored by midtown
Toronto's Cava Restaurant.

Whether you pledge Dr.Octto or Team Cava, it doesn't matter because the donation goes to the same place.

Donations of $20, or more, will receive a tax receipt (by email).

If you donate through Team Cava, they will give one order of Jamon Serrano for each pledge made through the team of over $50.


OCTTO Handlebar Tape - in the Wild

Need some colour ideas for your own bike?
Here are some photos of OCTTO handlebar tape installed on bikes (click on photos to enlarge):

Bright-Red tape on Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team bikes

more Bright-Red tape

Powder-Blue tape

Trick-Cork (Trompe Li├Ęge) tape

Kelly-Green tape

Royale-Blue tape


OCTTO Professional-Grade Handlebar Tape

Wrapping new handlebar tape is the last and most satisfying step when building up a new road-bike. That's also why wrapping fresh tape on your old bike makes it seem new again.

  • Gelicone™ Enhanced Comfort Foam is cushy, grippy and stretchy.
  • High-Purity Foam material is less susceptible to tearing during wrapping or re-wrapping.
  • Extra-Long Length accommodates with the widest range of bars and wrapping styles. Wrap thin or fat, the choice is yours.
  • Low-Residue Adhesive backing leaves less residue on the bars and can even be un-wrapped and re-wrapped (with some care).
  • OCTTO logo Locking End-Plugs which are securely held in place.
  • OCTTO logo finishing tape.
Available in bold colours to complement your bike.
Photo below (click to enlarge):
(top-row left-to-right)
-White, Dark-Black, Trick-Cork, Royale-Blue, Powder-Blue
(bottom-row left-to-right) Dark-Red, Bright-Re
d, Bright-Orange, Bright-Yellow, Lime-Green, Kelly-Green.


Jet Fuel at CHIN Picnic - photos

The 27th Annual CHIN International Picnic Criterium was held yesterday on the grounds of the venerable Canadian National Exhibition in the Toronto lakefront.

Dr.OCTTO was there to capture the action of the Pro/Am race.

A points-race format led to constant attacking and action. Jet Fuel Cycling fielded a full team, resplendent in their brand-new long-sleeve skinsuits, and they were very active throughout the 70 minute event.

Early on, Zack launched a flier off the front. Mid-race, Pete Morse was active in another break attempt. Late in the race, Bryson was very aggressive, despite or because of his expenditure in a victory earlier in the day in the unusual single-lap sprint event.

In the end, all 3 were in the points scoring, but Jet Fuel was shut out of the podium positions. (results here).

Images (copyright OCTTO)

Pete Morse and Zack flank former National Champion M
ark Walters (center) of Kodak Gallery-Sierra Nevada:

Bryson Bowers in the late break follows Jet Fuel alumni Heath Cockburn of La Bicicletta into the corner of carnage.

Jet Fuel riders hound eventual winner Zach Bell of Symmetrics:

Former National Champion Andrew Randell of Symmetrics is a Jet Fuel Coffee barista and an alumnus of Jet Fuel Cycling (Randell was also a teammate of Dr. Octt
o a long, long time ago):

Bryson going all Rollerball in the last laps:

The Doc's Photo Vault :Jet Fuel circa 1999~2000

Dr. Octto's relationship with Jet Fuel Cycling and the riders extends back many many years (besides drinking a lot of coffee at the Jet Fuel).

Back around 1999, the Doc first crossed paths with the team, when he was designing frames for Jet Fuel Cycling's then-current bike sponsor. As part of his extended engineering duties, the future-Dr.Octto-to-be (before the OCTTO, there was no Dr.Octto) was the sponsor's technical liason to the team.

Here are some of the Doc's pics from those days:

Health Cockburn at the High Park Criterium, Toront
o ca. 2000:

Sympatico - Jet Fuel team at USPRO Championships 2001. Josh Hall (back-row far-left) and Joe Giuliano (front-row far-left) are riding for Jet Fuel again in 2007. On the front-row far-right, is a very young Dominique Rollin who graduated from the Jet Fuel programme and then went on to become National Champio
n. (Also note Jet Fuel regular customer Bill Stats in the back far-right.):

Bonus Pic - Joe Giuliano (r) and future Jet Fuel alumnus Andrew Randell (l):

OCTTO and Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling in 2007

OCTTO is proud to support the Jet Fuel Coffee Cycling Team in 2007.

The Jet Fuel Cycling team has existed in one form or another for over 10 years now, with the goal to support and develop cyclesport in Toronto. The current focus of the Jet Fuel team is to provide an environment to develop younger riders. This is a great fit with the OCTTO ideals.

The Jet Fuel team will thrash these
OCTTO components:
  • OCTTO PROFESSIONAL GRADE full carbon-fibre bars
  • OCTTO PROFESSIONAL GRADE carbon-fibre seatposts
  • OCTTO full carbon-fibre water-bottle cages
  • OCTTO silcone-implant handlebar-wrap.
Product details can be found at OCTTO.com


OCTTO is now live!