OCTTO Professional-Grade Handlebar Tape

Wrapping new handlebar tape is the last and most satisfying step when building up a new road-bike. That's also why wrapping fresh tape on your old bike makes it seem new again.

  • Gelicone™ Enhanced Comfort Foam is cushy, grippy and stretchy.
  • High-Purity Foam material is less susceptible to tearing during wrapping or re-wrapping.
  • Extra-Long Length accommodates with the widest range of bars and wrapping styles. Wrap thin or fat, the choice is yours.
  • Low-Residue Adhesive backing leaves less residue on the bars and can even be un-wrapped and re-wrapped (with some care).
  • OCTTO logo Locking End-Plugs which are securely held in place.
  • OCTTO logo finishing tape.
Available in bold colours to complement your bike.
Photo below (click to enlarge):
(top-row left-to-right)
-White, Dark-Black, Trick-Cork, Royale-Blue, Powder-Blue
(bottom-row left-to-right) Dark-Red, Bright-Re
d, Bright-Orange, Bright-Yellow, Lime-Green, Kelly-Green.


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